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CovenCast: Who We Are

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

You may have seen the CovenCast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic casting call floating around the Twitterverse and wondered...what is it about?’s about us.

We are two Latinx mijitas who’ve spent far too long trying to shrink our magic and our cultures.

We’ve cut ourselves down into bite-sized pieces for the world to consume, and with this show, we are taking back our space like the chingonas we are. CovenCast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic was created by Amber Bulinski and Madelyn Dorta.

CovenCast is centered around two sisters, Pilar and Carmen Rivera who have just recently found out that they are witches and naturally -- they are not very good at it. They recruit their closest friends, Keioko, Ramona, Lavender, and Meli to join their coven. Together, they reclaim their right to their cultures, embrace their magic, and make a shit ton of mistakes along the way.

CovenCast is a supernatural comedy, yes, but it is so much more than that, it’s about the responsibility that we feel to make this show because it is exactly what we need. A show about the messiness of reclaiming your identity both culturally and magically, shedding light on stereotypes, cultural appropriation and the demonization of brown and black-skinned witches, and so much more. CC is about finding your voice, in a world that has its hand around your throat. It’s the fight for our space and the freedom to take it.

Each character was written with intent and a direct reflection of what we felt was missing in the audio fiction space. Our characters and the voices that represent them are not interchangeable factors to us. As all women of color are, they are deliberate and purposeful. We are still looking for witches to join our coven and go on this journey with us. We hope you find your way to us.

Check out our casting call --


Madelyn & Amber

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