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The Making of Meteor City

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Our firstborn project is Meteor City and it’s creation has been a lengthy and heartfelt one.

In 2018, I visited Detroit for a work trip and was completely captivated by it. Detroit is a historical masterpiece filled with heart and strife. I spent a whole week marveling at it. The city is filled with an unstoppable and infectious spirit and unfortunately insurmountable injustices on every corner. It was heartbreaking to see this once great city, sit forgotten by what seems like the rest of the country. It was hard to wrap our mind that a decade after the 2008 recession, the damage was still visible. I drove around Detroit in silence, stunned by the vacancy of it...

“A significant percentage of housing parcels in the city are vacant, with abandoned lots making up more than half of total residential lots in large portions of the city. With at least 70,000 abandoned buildings, 31,000 empty houses and 90,000 vacant lots, Detroit has become notorious for its urban blight.”

The destruction of once populated blocks resembled a natural disaster, like a meteor landing. The images of the decay that I saw stayed with me when I returned home. They didn’t leave me, and they morphed into something else, a story called Meteor City.

Meteor City follows our protagonist, Bianca Diaz as she returns home to Detroit where Diaz and her family once lived. In 2008, a freak meteor hit the populous Motor City, killing and displacing thousands of people. After the loss of her brother and father, Bianca and Gloria (Mama Diaz) fleed to Chicago to start anew. A decade later, Bianca feels restless in her current creative state as a travel vlogger and decides to make a change. With the upcoming ten year anniversary of the landing, Bianca decides its time to go home, bringing her trauma to the surface. Quickly after returning, Bianca sees how much a city can change in a decade, but so much of stay the same.

Meteor City is a character-driven sci-fi show about the power of coming home and finding the truth. You can listen to Meteor City on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you like our show, please follow us on social media and leave us a review!

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