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CovenCast: A Disaster's Guide to Magic

Creator | Producer Madelyn Dorta & Amber Bulinski

Sound Design by Ernesto V. Valentine

Cast List 

Madelyn Dorta as Pilar Rivera

Amber Bulinski as Carmen Rivera

Lio Rivera as Lavender Jones

Amara Augustine as Josephine Jones

Whitney Johnson as Melinda O’Connor

Alexis Monteith as Keioko Wu

KianaAshlee Kaye as Ramona Keys

Oliver Morris as Murdoch

Vladimir Gabatel as Nikolai

Press Kit 



Lemon BarsCovencast
00:00 / 06:30

The Rivera sisters, Pilar and Carmen recruit their closest friends to join their coven after discovering they are witches. Overwhelmed by their craft,  they set out to learn and teach at the same time with hilarious and disastrous results. 


The witches learn how to navigate through the bureaucracy of witchcraft, on and off again relationships, student loan debt, a snarky demon with a sweet tooth and a destiny they didn’t quite plan for. 


CovenCast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic was created by Madelyn Dorta and Amber Bulinksi.


CovenCast is out now. 

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